How to get AIS Super Wifi on 802.11ac

AIS has launched a new Wifi service branded with the name AIS Super Wifi which is showing up around Bangkok and Thailand.  This new service operators on the Wireless AC Technology (IEEE802.11ac).    802.11ac has a throughput of at least 1 gigabit per second and a single link throughput of at least 500 megabits per second (500 Mbit/s).  This new standard is about 3x faster than the previous standard, 802.11n.

In real world speeds recorded in testing are around 720Mbps (90MBps) for 802.11ac. By contrast 802.11n tops out at about 240Mbps (30MBps).  AIS advertises speeds of 650 Mbps, which is nice as companies usually state the theoretical speeds as the real speeds a user could get.

Other benefits: 802.11ac has stronger, more directed range and is better on your battery because WiFi needs to be active for less time when data transfers can complete more quickly.

ais super wifi

Which devices can use it?

802.11ac is being built into any quality device made today, like iPhone 6, but iPhone 5 and older does not have the AC chip.  Samsung S4 has the chip but S3 does not. For more on devices with 802.11ac check this list.


ais 3g wifi passwordHow can I get it?

First you have to be in range of an AIS hotspot.  You will see something like .@ AIS SUPER WiFi as a hotspot name.  Then, you have to be a user of the iSmart 3G data package of 500 Baht or more per month to have free access.   If you are just dial *338*1# to get your wifi password via SMS.   If you’re not a iSmart package user you can get this package: 20GB for 99 Baht (not incl VAT) by dialing *777*384#.

If you just want the Wifi and if you don’t want those packages or want to switch a package, you can get AIS Super Wifi for 99 Baht/month by dialing *388*40#.  This is the stand alone package, you can add to your existing  service.

For those who have never before registered for AIS WiFi service :

  1. Choose the @ AISwifi network and then login using your User Name and Password. You will be automatically logged in through WiFi Auto Login.
  2. Then, return to .@ AIS SUPER WiFi so your smart phone or device will automatically remember the network to login automatically.

For AIS WiFi users

  1. Select .@ AIS SUPER WiFi so your smart phone or device will automatically remember the network to login automatically.


Where is it?

AIS wifi is mostly in big public places like malls and airports.  Best you find that it fits into your day to day schedule before considering to spend the money on it.  If you are a user already, then it’s quite easy to start using.


Speed tests at Emporium


speed test ais wifi
In Thailand:
speed test ais wifi 802.11ac

 A video showing the speed in a controlled environment


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