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New DTAC group calling tourist sim for 199 Baht

group calling dtac simA new sim from DTAC aimed at the 20 million tourists arriving yearly has a group calling plan where everyone in the group can call each other for free.  For family or friends this would make the perfect sim for all those in the group with unlocked phones.  This SIM is also good for the tech savvy callers who do all calling and texting thru 3G/4G, as there is none of the unneeded calling credit on the sim.

Like the 299 Tourist SIM, it has 7 days of free 3G/4G data.  It does not, however have the 100 Baht calling credit of the 299 Tourist Sim.  For users already comfortable with Facetime, Skype, Telegram, Whats App or other internet based chat app, it’s likely worth it over the $3 extra for the 299 Sim.

As always in Thailand, inbound calls are free, so having this Sim just to receive calls from friends and family, would be fine.   If you prefer to just use the sim for data, you can put it in a pocket wifi or 3G dongle and get your 7 days of data.

After 7 days, all bets are off, and you’re now just the owner of a plain old DTAC prepaid sim.  You still get free inbound calls, but you’ll need to topup in order to call out, and if you want to keep using the internet, you’ll need to sign up for a data package.  Fret not, this is easily done.

Airtime Credit Topup

First you’ll need credit.  If you have Paypal, head over to for a quick and easy online recharge.  If you have Bitcoin.   If you have cash, any 7-11 or convenience store will sell topup credit.  You want to add enough to cover any of the packages.

DTAC 3G Data - Happy 3G Mobile Internet PackagesOnce you have your credit head over to and find the package that best suits your needs.  There are daily, weekly, monthly packages as well as per megabyte and per time limit packages.   So if you need only 200 MB there is a package for you.

Data Package Signup

You sign up for any data package right from you phone using the USSD Keypress codes.  You’ll get a response via SMS once the package is active and your credit will be deducted.  Pro tip: Best you check your credit before and after any transaction by pressing 101*9# send.

If you’ve used the new sim, give us your thoughts below.





006 true move

International calling from Thailand

While in Thailand, you might find the need to call your family friends or business associates back in your home country.  Doing so these days easier than ever before.  From VoIP options, Skype, or carrier discounted international calling programs, the options are plentiful.  Finding the right calling tool for you will depend on who you’re calling, what type of a call it is, and your quality expectations.


App Options

These options are ways you can use an app on your smart phone make international calls.


By now most of us are familiar with Skype and it’s abilities.  Loading Skype with some credit, gives you the ability to call any number in the world directly from the app on your smart phone.  This can be done with Wi-Fi or over the 3G.  Call rates are competitive, and for the ease-of-use definitely worth it.  Rates are however almost double some of the hard-core VoIP rates.   If you really need to do a lot of international calling you may want to check some of the sit providers or, sign up for one of Skype’s package pricing deals.

Google Voice

talkatoneWhile and exciting option, Google voice is only available for US customers, or savy individuals can use the USA VPN or proxy, and have access to USA phone number.  One set up you have a USA phone number that anyone can reach you want.  Google voice has many features, but one of the best for outbound calling is the ability to call any number in the US and Canada for free.   To take advantage of this ability directly from your smartphone you need an app called Talkatone.  Once set up, you can use the keypad to call any USA number and make a free call.  As for caller ID, your Google voice number will show on the destination phone.


line naverLine is the latest multi-messaging app sweeping the world. Line has both a desktop and smart phone client, with chat, voice recording and live voice options.  It works exactly like Skype in the way you can make a free call to anyone on your contact list.


viberViber’s popularity maybe on the decline, but it is the original smart phone calling app. While it came out before Line and provided a very easy to use service for calling anyone in your address book, its user base has now been surpassed by the popularity of line.

Facetime and Facetime audio

facetime audioMany Apple users are already familiar with FaceTime. FaceTime audio simply FaceTime without the video connection.  This means this is simply a direct phone call.  This works over 3G or Wi-Fi.  In the test I have done here the only major problem is the connection time, while the call quality is quite good with only an occasional lag.  To use FaceTime audio need iOS 7 update.  The downside is the person you’re calling also has to have iOS 7 and FaceTime audio.


Tango is an audio and video chat app.  Again both parties will need to have this installed to make a free voice or video call.

3CX Phone

3cx sip clientWhen you have the need to call any number anywhere, what you need is a sip VoIP client for your smartphone.  There are many SIP clients available for your smart phone but the one I’m currently using is the Free 3CX phone app.  Like any sit client, you will need to have a VoIP account with a SIP provider.

Carrier Options

All the Thai carriers have ability to call internationally from your mobile phone.  While the prices have become more competitive, there are ways to get even better rates when making a call from your Thai mobile phone.   All of these free fax services ask you to dial a number prefix and then the number you want to call like this: dial cheap prefix –> Country Code –> City Code –> Local Number

True Move

006 true moveTruemove users can use an International direct dialing service.  By using the prefix 006, you can get rates of 3 baht per minute 22 international destinations.

You can check the rates by dialing *006*Country Code#  dial.

To make premium grade international call via true 006 to fixed line or mobile number all over the world.
Just dial 006 –> Country Code –> City Code –> Local Number
(without the “0” before local number)

Example: Call Tokyo, Japan
Dial 006 –>81 –> 3 –> 67XXXXXX

More Details


ais 005AIS offers several international direct dialing service.  Please include dialing 005, 00500, 001, 009, 007 or 008.

International call service is the service that enables you to use your AIS One-2-call! mobile phone to make international outgoing call to the foreign destination numbers.

You can make international call by yourself.

  • Make call via AIN network : 005 Globaline , 00500
  • Make call via CAT network: 001, 009
  • Make call via TOT network: 007, 008

AIS customers can now make international call by pressing “+” to represent access code 005 from AIN GlobalComm
or by directly pressing 001, 005, 007, 008, 009 or 00500 to access international call services from other providers.


dtac 004Dtac has the same international discounted calling service by dialing 004.

  • Dial access code 004 = call through Dtac Network Co., Ltd
  • Dial access code 001 or 009 = call through  CAT Telecom PCL.
  • Dial access code 007 or 008 = call through TOT PCL.

Prices to the US start at 8 Baht per minute, and you can check prices to any country here.

Software options


SIP Providers

This is protocol is a non-proprietary system for making international calls.  While a company like Skype uses their proprietary method for making calls, the SIP protocol is used by thousands of companies offering various types of calling programs and packages.  In general you will need an account with a sip provider, and then a hard or soft phone.









Top 10 iPhone4 apps

Here’s my top 10 list of iPhone4 aps.  Most all have free versions for you to try out and see if you like.  If so you can plop down the $$ for the full version.    I’ve paid for a few of the ones below, after enjoying the Lite version.

  1. IM+ :  Log into all your favorite messenger services -AOL, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, and Jabber. Uses a push notification so even if the program is not open, they will push you a message.
  2. Skype :  Must have communications tool. Everyone should have this, with the multitasking update.  Can run in the background so you get messages or calls when the program is not open.
  3. iPics : So you have a lot of great pictures, can you show me any time?  This is the iPhone interface for your Picassa Gallery.  Pull up your collection anywhere you go.
  4. Hippo Lite : Use your iPhone as a mouse, with your home entertainment PC or Mac.
  5. Mocha VNC :  Remote control and PC or Mac running VNC, via your iPhone. You’ll need to set up a dyndns account to remote into your home if you have not already.
  6. Air Video :  Mac only – Download .avi, .mkv or .mp4 content to your home entertainment Mac, watch it on your iPhone streaming over your network. No lag playback.
  7. EveryTrail : Taking an interesting trip?  First sync your camera time with your iPhone.  Then track your adventures with Everytrail.  When you upload your photos, it will put them at the appropriate places on your track, using the matching time stamps.
  8. TiltShift : Great looking tilt shift photos. Gives the appearance of a short depth of field, vignetting and some other great effects.
  9. Genius Scan : Uses the auto focus of the iPhone4 to give you great looking scans. You can pretty much throw away your scanner, it’s that good.
  10. MobileRSS : Forget 20 different news apps, set up your Google Reader account with RSS feeds of all your favorite news, and read them all in one place.

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