SIM Card Sizes

SIM Card sizes have changed over the years and we’re now on our fourth size the nano SIM. All annoying for some, it looks like we’re just about to the end of the goal of trimming any excess plastic from the Subscriber Identity Module. The latest iPhones now use this smaller nano SIM. The good thing about these ever-increasing SIM sizes is it’s just an exercise in trimming plastic, and any simple SIM cutter can do the job.

Back in the old days, this is how many phones would take a full sized sim card.  Slide the whole credit card sized SIM into the back of the phone.


Old format nokia


old green nokia
Thankfully old big Nokia’s like this are no more, and we’ve reduced the necessary amount of plastic required to have a Sim card in our phones.
three thai sim cards


Here’s a chart of what the iPhones and iPads are currently using in terms of a Sim card.


Apple sim sizes



Also here’s a list of Android phones using a Micro SIM.   The list is now over 100 phones.


sim sizes mm




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Thailand Sim Card

With a Prepaid SIM card for Thailand, you can be reached on your mobile phone and make cheap data or voice calls to the US from Thailand without racking up without international roaming charges.

Why Get A Thai SIM?

  • Save on roaming charges – You will spend more in one day of roaming charges, than the cost of the Thai SIM Card
  • Low cost 3G and Calling – Thailand has some of the cheapest rates in the world for 3G and calling. Take advantage of it.
  • Safety –  Easily make local calls to your hotel, taxi or emergency contact in Thailand.


Thailand Sim Card

Thailand Sim Card

Which SIM do I get?

There are 3 networks to choose from, but we are recommending the DTAC Happy Tourist SIM specifically for the tourist market, and here’s why:

  • DTAC has the best English language support. 
  • The SIM is preloaded with credit, so you can use right away. 
  • DTAC is cheaper with equal 3G speed quality


Where to get a Thai SIM?

You can get a Thai SIM when you arrive in Thailand in most major airports.   If you want to be completely prepared, the SIM we recommend is on Amazon with 1 Day shipping available.


Tourist Sim Card Features

  • 7 days unlimited 3G Internet – after the 7 days, sign up for a 3G package OR pay 10 thb / MB
  • Dual cut SIM is both Micro and Regular sized (sorry, not a nano sim for iPhone 5 users)
  • Valid for 35 days after activated – once you add minutes, you’ll get more validity days
  • 100 Baht of calling credit
  • No registration requirements
  • Free incoming calls and SMS
  • Instant activation
  • Pay as you go
  • Credit preloaded, no need to first add credit
  • Use anywhere in Thailand

Do I need an unlocked phone?

YES!  If you have a locked compatible GSM phone, you can easily unlock it. To do so, visit

Where can I add minutes to may pay as you go plan?

You can add credit at any of the 7,210 7-11 stores in Thailand or online with Paypal here.

What are the DTAC 3G packages I can choose from?

There are daily, weekly and monthly unlimited packages to choose from. You can check out .

Where can I see international calling rates.

Calling rates using the 004 service are here.