How to check the network provider of a Thai phone number


Check the network provider of a Thai phone number

While not something you need to do every day, you may find yourself needing to know the network provider of a Thai phone number. Luckily there are a couple different websites providing this service.

In addition to helping you to find a network provider, they can also give you a idea of where in Thailand the number was purchased. The Thai network operators allocate different numbers to different regions of the country. When you purchase a Prepaid Sim card, you can look on the sticker and you will see the region.

Keep in mind that now Thailand has number portability these services will only check to see what Carrier the number was allocated, not the current carrier.



Checkber is a simple site with a lot of ads that will give you the provider and region of the number you enter.  By the way “ber” is short slang for “Number”.


Webdoober goes one step further and also shows a map of the region in Thailand where the number was allocated.



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