Top 10 iPhone4 apps

Here’s my top 10 list of iPhone4 aps.  Most all have free versions for you to try out and see if you like.  If so you can plop down the $$ for the full version.    I’ve paid for a few of the ones below, after enjoying the Lite version.

  1. IM+ :  Log into all your favorite messenger services -AOL, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, and Jabber. Uses a push notification so even if the program is not open, they will push you a message.
  2. Skype :  Must have communications tool. Everyone should have this, with the multitasking update.  Can run in the background so you get messages or calls when the program is not open.
  3. iPics : So you have a lot of great pictures, can you show me any time?  This is the iPhone interface for your Picassa Gallery.  Pull up your collection anywhere you go.
  4. Hippo Lite : Use your iPhone as a mouse, with your home entertainment PC or Mac.
  5. Mocha VNC :  Remote control and PC or Mac running VNC, via your iPhone. You’ll need to set up a dyndns account to remote into your home if you have not already.
  6. Air Video :  Mac only – Download .avi, .mkv or .mp4 content to your home entertainment Mac, watch it on your iPhone streaming over your network. No lag playback.
  7. EveryTrail : Taking an interesting trip?  First sync your camera time with your iPhone.  Then track your adventures with Everytrail.  When you upload your photos, it will put them at the appropriate places on your track, using the matching time stamps.
  8. TiltShift : Great looking tilt shift photos. Gives the appearance of a short depth of field, vignetting and some other great effects.
  9. Genius Scan : Uses the auto focus of the iPhone4 to give you great looking scans. You can pretty much throw away your scanner, it’s that good.
  10. MobileRSS : Forget 20 different news apps, set up your Google Reader account with RSS feeds of all your favorite news, and read them all in one place.