October MBK update

As MBK is one of the preeminent destinations in Asia for anything to do with mobile phones I thought it would be nice to check in every once in a while with a few photos and a few updates.

I do not make a trip to MBK so often, but it is interesting to see how the stock of phones and phone accessories changes with each visit.

The most obvious things on this trip were the new iPhones for sale and all of the extra battery charging packs.

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C not yet officially on sale in Thailand, but MBK is chock-full of sellers with these phones from the US, Singapore, or other destinations.

As for battery packs, they seem to come in every shape and size. Obviously when buying a battery pack your main concern should be the mAh.   For 2,300 Baht, you can pick up the 10,000 mAh pack.  Half of that power is about 1,800 Baht.

Other note able trends are some of the retro throwback phones and watches.

Here are some photos from October 2013:







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