New mobile topup credit service has just launched in beta and users can now go and try out the new online top up service here.

The features of the new mobile credit service are:

  • Flat fee is  4% – 200 Baht of credit will cost you 208 Baht.
  • Automatic reoccurring monthly billing
  • Top up amounts are 50 – 800 Baht
  • Use of the newest and easiest Thai Baht credit card processor
  • Support for True Move, DTAC Happy and AIS 12Call PAYG

The beta is Facebook sign in only, and credit cards or local bank visa / master ATM cards are the payment method.

The recurring monthly billing is quite interesting since one of the pain points of pre-paid is having to top up.  With recurring billing turned on, you send a fixed amount each month, and the means no more trips to 7-11 or entering top up codes.   Of course unlink giving the carrier your credit card where they bill you any amount, here you’ll be limited to fixed amounts each month.   As people move to data only voice plan this, should be just fine.






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