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New DTAC group calling tourist sim for 199 Baht

group calling dtac simA new sim from DTAC aimed at the 20 million tourists arriving yearly has a group calling plan where everyone in the group can call each other for free.  For family or friends this would make the perfect sim for all those in the group with unlocked phones.  This SIM is also good for the tech savvy callers who do all calling and texting thru 3G/4G, as there is none of the unneeded calling credit on the sim.

Like the 299 Tourist SIM, it has 7 days of free 3G/4G data.  It does not, however have the 100 Baht calling credit of the 299 Tourist Sim.  For users already comfortable with Facetime, Skype, Telegram, Whats App or other internet based chat app, it’s likely worth it over the $3 extra for the 299 Sim.

As always in Thailand, inbound calls are free, so having this Sim just to receive calls from friends and family, would be fine.   If you prefer to just use the sim for data, you can put it in a pocket wifi or 3G dongle and get your 7 days of data.

After 7 days, all bets are off, and you’re now just the owner of a plain old DTAC prepaid sim.  You still get free inbound calls, but you’ll need to topup in order to call out, and if you want to keep using the internet, you’ll need to sign up for a data package.  Fret not, this is easily done.

Airtime Credit Topup

First you’ll need credit.  If you have Paypal, head over to for a quick and easy online recharge.  If you have Bitcoin.   If you have cash, any 7-11 or convenience store will sell topup credit.  You want to add enough to cover any of the packages.

DTAC 3G Data - Happy 3G Mobile Internet PackagesOnce you have your credit head over to and find the package that best suits your needs.  There are daily, weekly, monthly packages as well as per megabyte and per time limit packages.   So if you need only 200 MB there is a package for you.

Data Package Signup

You sign up for any data package right from you phone using the USSD Keypress codes.  You’ll get a response via SMS once the package is active and your credit will be deducted.  Pro tip: Best you check your credit before and after any transaction by pressing 101*9# send.

If you’ve used the new sim, give us your thoughts below.





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