384 Kpbs compared to other speeds

FUP and Thailand’s 3G speeds

All major 3G networks in Thailand advertise their services with the price per gigabyte.  This may be a confusing at first because most people want to get an unlimited data package, not something limited by how much they download.   So the networks have adopted fair use policies (FUP) To allow users unlimited data, but safeguard against abuse.     Basically what they are saying is that they will throttle your usage once you reach your plan’s data cap.

3g package true move

Notice the data caps and the fine print of speeds after the FUP allotment.

Let’s take for example the Truemove H data plan package pricing.  You’ll see their plans say 500MB, 1 GB, two GB, and five GB.  This is the FUP amount, or fair usage amount before you will get throttled.    As you can see in the fine print,  once you get throttled from using all your FUP data, you will drop down to speed starting at 384 Kbps.

As you can see below, These are the speeds of the 3 major 3G networks.  None of them come close to the promised max speed of 42 Mbps.

Thailand mobile speeds

So lets say you’re at 5 Mbps for your first 5Gb of downloads, then you drop to .375 Mbps, you’re now working as speeds of a 56k modem or Bluetooth connection.

384 Kpbs compared to other speeds

To put another way, you’re able to get about 2.9 MB per minute or 4.1 GB in 24 hours.   So what’s the total theoretical download for one month from your 3G connection?   If you were downloading at top speed of 5 Mbps  you could effectively reach your 5 GB In 2 hours 30 minutes.    And so for the remaining 29.9 days, if you downloaded at 384 Kbps you would be able to grab approximately 124 GB during the month.

Of course these are theoretical speeds and actual performance can be wildly different.









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  1. Disabuse
    Disabuse says:

    > drop to .375 Mbps, you’re now working as speeds of a 56k modem or Bluetooth connection

    Are you claiming that 56k = 356k?

    That graph has log scale, and 6 times faster is roughly the same order of magnitude… but in practice the difference is significant, it’s not the same thing at all.

    • Bryan Bkk
      Bryan Bkk says:

      I have not heard of this. We also do a package on the AIS corporate plan and they also throttle speeds. It is a good idea though.


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