Foursquare removes photos of Doctor and Dentist offices

Dr. Work & Carlson Family Dentistry - Windsor Heights, IA

Popular location directory and check in service foursquare as quietly removed photos of doctors and dentists office from their website.  You can easily see the photos working in other categories are displaying just fine.   McDonald_s & McCafé (แมคโดนัลด์ & แมคคาเฟ่) - Suan Luang - Suan Luang, Bangkok

If you go to the photo URL of the doctor or dentist will see zero photos listed, however if you click to the right rank these photos you can start to see the photos that used to be there in the foursquare ranking game.

Photos at Pruksa Clinic - Pathum Wan - Pathum Wan, Bangkok-1


You can actually still see the  photos when looking at the photo ranking service foursquare has.

Photos at Pruksa Clinic - Pathum Wan - Pathum Wan, Bangkok


Could this be due to the legal ramifications of taking photos inside and medical clinic?

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