DTAC Happy Promotion – Get 6GB of 3G data

Note: I just tested this, and it came back with a message”You are already a user.” The ad says “New and Current Subscribers” which means we now understand to mean “New and current subscribers, that have not yet signed up for a data package.”   So if you’re already using 3G on a smartphone, you’re out of luck.

Good news for DTAC Happy users.  DTAC is offering a simple promo to give you 6GB of extra FUP data over 6 months.  So really that’s an extra 1GB per month.  Still not bad for only entering the USSD code: *567*9#

What’s the catch?  Well if you don’t happen to spend 200 thb or more yet, you’ll need to.  “Customers will not receive free 1GB internet if refill amount in 2nd – 6th month is below 200 baht”   So just spend more than 200thb per month, and you’ve got an extra 1GB of download speeds.

dtac 3g promotion 1gb


For more, check out the DTAC site here.

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