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Using bitcoin on the iphone

By now you know what Bitcoin is, but the big trick is how you can start using it. Apple recently has lifted the ban on Bitcoin wallet apps and you can now find a Bitcoin wallets in the App Store. While you might say “hey what’s the big deal mankind is been carrying money in […]

October MBK update

As MBK is one of the preeminent destinations in Asia for anything to do with mobile phones I thought it would be nice to check in every once in a while with a few photos and a few updates. I do not make a trip to MBK so often, but it is interesting to see […]

Deezer Music with DTAC

Deezer is a new music service that allows you to choose from a library of over 20 million tracks, build playlists and listen to your favorite tunes on your smartphone. There is now an exclusive Deezer subscription for DTAC and DTAC Happy customers: Deezer Mobile offers you unlimited access to your music, on 3G or […]

Mobile Expo at Queen Sirikit

The mobile expo is on October 3-6 at Queen Sirikit convention center. The Mobile Expo is essentially a huge phone and accessory sale. If you’re in the market for an android-based smart phone or device this event has what you’re looking for. Notable brands that showed up this year are in Ais, DTAC, Truemove, Samsung, […]

Graymarket prices up for the 5C & 5S

MBK does not have the phones yet, but this is not their first rodeo. Expect to see the Apple 5c and 5S shortly after they launch in Singapore and other first launch countries.  People here clearly don’t like to wait,  especially people that are used to paying full price for an unlocked phone.  You can […]

Microsoft Yanks Ad Making Fun of Apple

But the internet never forgets.   Microsoft has pulled the add after realizing how it was in bad taste, but we found a copy that was still up.  Here it is: “Everybody loves gold.  Pirates, leprechauns, this dude.”

89% of Thai users are on prepaid

Here are the stats of the current status of mobile phone penetration in Thailand from GSMA. As you can see 89% of users are prepaid.  With a population of 70 million people there are 83 million connections.  This means many users have two or even more lines they are using. This basically means that everyone […]

FUP and Thailand’s 3G speeds

All major 3G networks in Thailand advertise their services with the price per gigabyte.  This may be a confusing at first because most people want to get an unlimited data package, not something limited by how much they download.   So the networks have adopted fair use policies (FUP) To allow users unlimited data, but […]

Apple iPhone 5s Videos

Take a look at the iPhone 5s and 5c. The 5c is bascially a replacement of the iPhone 5, not really the cheaper low budget phone everyone had talked about. Much more like a Macbook / Macbook Pro positioning.  Also note that Apple smartly disable comments on the Youtube postings – not know for a […]