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Bryan is a tech entrepreneur with 15 years experience in design, development and online business. Based in Thailand, he has a local company doing web development, telecom and real estate projects.

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Foursquare removes photos of Doctor and Dentist offices

Popular location directory and check in service foursquare as quietly removed photos of doctors and dentists office from their website.  You can easily see the photos working in other categories are displaying just fine.   If you go to the photo URL of the doctor or dentist will see zero photos listed, however if you click […]

True Move H Giving Video Goes Viral

With over 12 million views at the time of this post, this Truemove H advert has gone viral worldwide. Is been picked up by news sources like the Huffington Post and the Daily Mail. The story is a three minute video about a young boy is shown generosity by a shop owner after being caught […]

Compare True Move, AIS and DTAC in Google Trends

Google trends compares search terms over time.  You can be a great way to gauge interest and popular ready for various search terms.  Just like Twitter hashtags, Google also shows what the breakout search terms are and how they compare to each other. I did a little comparison on the three major carriers in Thailand.   […]

International calling from Thailand

While in Thailand, you might find the need to call your family friends or business associates back in your home country.  Doing so these days easier than ever before.  From VoIP options, Skype, or carrier discounted international calling programs, the options are plentiful.  Finding the right calling tool for you will depend on who you’re […]

What is DTAC Trinet?

DTAC Trinet is the combination of DTAC’s 3 network frequencies that allow the carrier to provide calls, a 3G network and 4G network.  The frequencies are the 1800 Mhz, 850 Mhz and 2100 Mhz. How does this help? DTAC is now offering 3G speeds up to 42Mbps.  That means it’s one of your top 3 […]

SIM Card Sizes

SIM Card sizes have changed over the years and we’re now on our fourth size the nano SIM. All annoying for some, it looks like we’re just about to the end of the goal of trimming any excess plastic from the Subscriber Identity Module. The latest iPhones now use this smaller nano SIM. The good […]

How to check the network provider of a Thai phone number

  Check the network provider of a Thai phone number While not something you need to do every day, you may find yourself needing to know the network provider of a Thai phone number. Luckily there are a couple different websites providing this service. In addition to helping you to find a network provider, they […]